Return of Devils End Filming

The Awesome Scott Goodman 3rd Doctor lookalike is filming down in Aldbourne this weekend. A Fan made Episode, ‘Return to Devils end’ is set 40 years after the original events at Devils End. It will feature John Levine, reprising his role at Sergeant John Benton. Scott appears at various events across the country as the 3rd Doctor with the 15th Cyber Legion and our friends Charity Dalek Squad and Sons of Skaro raising money for charity.

Busy Weekend Activities

We will be at Big Finish day Saturday, the Quad, Derby with the 4th, 5th, 7th, 10th and 13th Doctors along with Vastra, Cyberman and a Judoon !

We are also at Lets Rock the 80s at Leeds, the Cybermen will be there to meet and mingle with the public and bop along to the acts which include Status Quo, Shalamar, Midge Ure, Go west and many more!

Sudbury Hall Sci-fi Day

We all had a fantastic day at Sudbury Hall Sci-fi Day. Visitors abound and smiles everywhere, some fantastic new costumes as well with our first 2 Silence, Alan and Andy although we kept forgetting about them. Not forgetting Steve’s new Ood that was very popular.