Honorary Members

At the annual Big Finish Day 2022, we were thrilled to welcome voice artist and life-long Doctor Who fan Jon Culshaw as honorary member of the 15thUKCL. Many know Jon as one of the nations most beloved and talented impersonators, but he has also contributed greatly to the Doctor Who Big Finish Audio series as a reader and as characters such as the Brigadier, the Master, and Kamelion.

John Culshaw

Louise Jameson

The wonderful Louise Jameson, who played Leela alongside 4th Doctor Tom Baker, was presented with honorary membership of the CyberLegion in April 2022. Leela was one of classic Doctor Who’s most iconic companions and we are delighted to welcome Louise to the group.

We were very honoured to welcome Doctors’ 6 & 8, Colin and Paul to the group at the National Space Centre’s Science of the Timelords event in Leicester in January 2020. The sixth Doctor faced the Cybermen in the 1985 story Attack of the Cybermen, and both Doctors have battled the silver giants many times in numerous audio adventures. Paul was eager to join us as he misheard and though we were the Cyder Legion…!

NSC 2020 Honorary Induction of 6 and 8
Colin Baker & Paul McGann

Jemma Redgrave

Jemma was welcomed to the group in January 2018 at the Science of the Timelords event at the National Space Centre in Leicester. Jemma played the recurring character of the Brigadier’s daughter Kate (Lethbridge) Stewart.

Honorary Members - Peter Davison & Nicola Bryant

Peter Davison & Nicola Bryant

The 5th Doctor himself and his trusty assistant Peri, Peter & Nicola were welcomed to the group in May 2015, most of our 5 doctor cybermen are in honour of oneof the best Doctors in the classic series.

Sylvester McCoy & Sophie Aldred 

As the 7th Doctor and his companion Ace, Sylvester and Sophie battled the sinister Silver Nemesis Cybermen 

Colin Spaull & Barry Noble

Colin & Barry were welcomed to the group in November 2014.
Colin Played John Lumics right Hand man Mr Crane head of the Cybus conversion unit, he was presented with Cybus Earbuds like he wore in the episodes. 
Barry played a Cyberman in the “Moonbase” episode at the age of 21, he has fond memories of being a cyber in silver.

Honorary Member - David Banks

David Banks

The great Cyber Leader himself, David was welcomed to the group in November 2013 and was impressed by the quality of costumes. We spent a good time chatting to him and talking about filming in the 1980’s.

Dervla Kirwan

Dirvla’s portrayal of the sinister but mislead Mercy Hartigan sealed her into the history of Cyberkind, all hail the Cyber King!